One Who Sings, Does No Harm

Tko pjeva, zlo ne misli

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The father of the family, Franjo, drinks spritzers, while Ana, the mother, is confined in the kitchen where she fantasises about the men in the novels she reads.

Ana’s sister often comes uninvited mainly just to have a free lunch. Mr. Fulir, a playboy, starts courting Ana, eventually leading to a big scandal. In this routine and complicated world of adults, their son Perica satisfies his child curiosity in observing the elders and writing about everything they do and say in his diary.


Krešimir Golik


Krešimir Golik, Vjekoslav Majer, Ivo Škrabalo


Franjo Majetić, Mirjana Bohanec, Relja Bašić

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