Kick and Scream

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Kick and Scream follows the final half-hour of the crumbling of a marriage.

The ex-husband (Goran Bogdan) cannot accept the failure of their marriage, of their relationship, and even though he and his exwife have so many unresolved issues to deal with, he is trying to convince her to stay with him until the very last second; but reconciliation is not on the table. The ex-wife (Nina Violi?) has already made up her mind; she is going to leave him no matter what. It is the only way for her to feel free and alive again. There is also their little boy (Bruno Frketi? Baji?), who in order to escape reality, the yells and the daily confrontations of his parents, he has created his own imaginary world by using the most trivial materials; dust bunnies, used gum, even the cardboard they will use for moving out. This is his own innocent way to deal with his parents’ separation.

An addition to the equation, is Megi (Lee Delong), the endearing and lovable aunt, that has just arrived in Croatia, after many years in the US. As a deus ex machina, she never interferes with the couple’s dispute, but mostly in an observer’s role, she tries to ease the tension and offer her nephew a glimpse of normality. She is there to remind them that life doesn’t have to be only black or white.

Three perspectives on the same topic. Opinions may divide about who is right and who is wrong, or which perspective is the real one. We don’t have or we don’t need to choose sides.

Kick and Scream is not another story about divorce; it is a story about the end of love, the realization, the awakening, the determination, and finally the hope that, no matter how painful, there is always a way out.


Nina Violić


Nina Violić


Bruno Frketic Bajić, Goran Bogdan, Nina Violić

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