The Outsiders


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The story of this comedy begins one spring evening when Crevo slowly falls asleep and continues until noon the next day when the heated passions of the social community calm down to the point of pain…

The annual assembly of Crevo village, led by President Dragec, showcases a counterfeit display of political importance. Durda, the secretary, and treasurer, arrives late due to a piglet, while parliamentarians often don’t attend. The government’s lofty rhetoric lacks credibility, much like Dragec’s talk of sewage and drainage issues. Tarzan brings a displaced culture for international cooperation, and Trpimir Orsus’s mention of gypsies causes outrage. Media representation of farmers remains insignificant, neglected by NNHTV’s TV crew. In the small, marginal village of Crevo, indifference, and social unawareness prevail. Personal interest dictates competence, ruling abilities, and guilt in Croatian society. Marginals live narrow, miserable lives, while repetitive political cycles lead to monotony and corruption. The submissive Crevari people lack rebellion, while the government’s empty promises go unnoticed.


Ljubomir Kerekeš


Ljubomir Kerekeš


Drasko Zidar, Ljubomir Kerekeš, Mijo Pavelko

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